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First impressions last a lifetime and a good hairstyle is one of the first most noticeable features of an individual. Stylish and well-groomed hair enhances one’s overall appearance and makes you feel and look good!

Alopecia or Hair Loss is a common medical condition that affects both men and women at some point in their lives. This condition results in bald spots only on your scalp or in patches and can be corrected by a Hair Transplant Surgery.

So, say Goodbye to bald patches and Welcome a stylish and stunning you!

Who doesn’t love a head full of healthy and luxurious hair? We spend hours brushing and grooming our hair and are constantly on the lookout for new styles and products to maintain our crowning glory!

All of sudden, we notice an increase in hair fall and in a state of panic resort to off-the-shelf medication, oils, serums and multiple home remedies as preventive measures. Sudden hair loss is typically a sign of an internal imbalance caused by stress, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. More often than not, simple lifestyle corrections and nutritional supplements can easily restore your hair growth.

However, there are times when hair loss is irreversible and can lead to baldness.

Hair Transplant is a hair restoration solution that permanently covers baldness and looks natural!

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a straightforward cosmetic procedure where a bald area is covered with hair, along with its roots, taken from other areas such as the back of the scalp, beard, chest, etc.

Simply put, the hair follicles from one part of your scalp, called the “donor site” are transferred to the balding part, called the “recipient site”. This procedure is carried out with the help of a scalpel or punch graft instrument. The hair strands from the donor section are removed and implanted into tiny holes in the recipient section of the scalp.

Who is it for?

Any individual suffering from irremediable hair loss is eligible for a Hair Transplant. The minimum age for this surgery is 18 years and above.

Also, smokers need to stop smoking completely for at least 14 days prior to the surgery.

What are the types of procedures available?

There are 2 kinds of procedures available,

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - Under this method, doctors extract the follicular units of a patient’s hair from the donor area one by one in a random fashion and implant them in the recipient area. This method is ideal for people who wear their hair short and have a tight scalp.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Strip Technique - This method is the Golden Standard for hair transplants around the world. FUT imitates the pattern of natural hair growth and is recommended for individuals who have large bald patches on their head. This technique is invasive, painful, scarring and involves stitches.

The FUE Hair Transplant surgery is our preferred method as it is less painful, leaves no scars and promises superior results.

With a Hair Transplant surgery you can be assured of permanent hair growth of the transplanted hair with little to no side effects. It is important to note that a Hair Transplant surgery cannot treat hair loss caused due to genetic disorders.