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“Skincare is not superficial, because it is healthcare. When you have beautiful skin, it’s a sign that you have a healthy mind and body.”

A quote to live by! Beauty is a relative concept; however, an essential standard for evaluating beauty is flawless and healthy skin.

Scar Treatment involves a selection of cosmetic procedures that help reduce the appearance of marks and scars on our face and body.

Our skin is the largest and most exposed organ of our body. Environmental impurities, hormonal imbalances, acne and pimples, skin allergies, stretch marks, tattoos, accidents, surgeries, burns, etc. often cause undesired and permanent marks on our skin.

A Scar Treatment assists in making such unwanted marks less obvious or permanently removing them through various surgical procedures.

We, at Dr. Anurag Sharma after careful analysis, recommend treatments based on the severity and root cause of the scars. Our treatments include,

Silicon-Based Treatment

This procedure is extremely effective in erasing superficial scars, hypertrophic scars and keloids. The silicon keeps the outermost layer of the skin well hydrated and enhances the production of collagen and other fibers necessary for the growth of new and healthy skin. This allows the skin to heal and breathe and thus lightens the scars. This method also prevents bacterial infections, balances fibrogenesis and fibrinolysis and reduces any discomfort due to the scar.

Steroid Injections

This treatment involved injecting corticosteroids into the scar to soften and reduce its size by disconnecting the bond between the collagen fibers. This method is generally suggested for hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Laser Treatment

The best and most popular scar removal treatment, Laser Treatment directly targets the affected area and its intensity is adjusted as per the severity of the scars. This technique is most suited for eliminating marks caused by acne, sores and dark skin patches caused by hormonal imbalances, accidents, burns, etc.

A Laser Scar Reduction Treatment is also successful in reducing marks resulting from chicken pox or similar diseases

Punch Excision

This restorative procedure is the best to treat scars caused by pimples and acne. Punch Excision is minimally invasive and offers long-lasting results with little to no side effects.

It is important to note, no scar can be completely removed. Post-surgery, the end result will largely depend on factors like the location and size of the scar, the quality of your skin and the care you take of the treated area. Remember, your scars may look worse initially, however, over time, the area treated will heal and look and feel visibly better!