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Body Reshaping is a single term given to a series of cosmetic procedures that involve different body contouring techniques to remove excess fat, reshape and enhance almost any part of the body.

Solely meant to improve one’s physical profile and appearance, Body Reshaping is the answer to your dream body that you haven’t been able to achieve through stringent diets and long hours at the gym!

Body Reshaping surgeries are safe cosmetic procedures that help you correct and alter the way you look and bring back lost self-confidence

Body Reshaping is recommended for,

  • Individuals with uneven fat deposits in the body on areas like thighs, arms, stomach etc
  • Women post pregnancies who have gained excess weight on their buttocks and abdomen.
  • People who were obese and have reduced dramatically and thus have loose and sagging skin.

Body Reshaping often includes the below sub-procedures,

Facelift or Rhytidectomy

A Facelift alters facial features and gives you a younger looking appearance! This surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues of the face and neck and improves visible signs of aging.

Women without a well-defined jawline and wrinkled or loose skin near the face and neck usually choose to undergo a Facelift to correct their features.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy

Over time, breasts change in appearance. Age, pregnancy and weight fluctuations are few of the primary reasons for breasts losing their elasticity and firmness. A Breast-Lift surgery reshapes and rejuvenates breasts to return them to their youthful and firm state.

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

A Tummy Tuck grants a shapely appearance to the stomach. This surgery is recommended for individuals who have unresponsive fat deposits around their abdomen, women who have gained weight and lost their original shape post pregnancy and obese people with excessive fat deposits.

Arm Lift or Brachioplasty

Get rid of “bat wings” with an Arm Lift. This treatment removes, reshapes and smoothens the skin around your arms and gives you a slimmer and sleeker profile.

Medial Thigh Lift

A Thigh Lift Surgery is not gender specific and is done by both men and women. This surgery eliminates excess fat and tightens the skin on the upper part of the inner thighs. This treatment is not only recommended for individuals who have stubborn fat near the thighs and buttocks, but is also suggested for people who have loose and sagging skin in this area after having undergone other weight loss surgeries.

Lower Body Lift

Lower Body Lift is advised when you have thin layers of excess fat in your lower body. This surgery is also suggested for women post pregnancy if their waist has hanging and unflattering skin that they have been unable to tighten through massages and exercise. A Lower Body Lift is usually paired with a tummy tuck or a medial thigh lift for best results.

What are the risks and complications?

Like other medical treatments and surgeries, Body Reshaping, too, has its fair share of risks and complications that one must be aware of before signing up for any cosmetic procedure,

  • Blood Clotting – Blood clots may form in the operated area and can create blockages in the lungs and heart – a very rare occurrence as anti-clotting medicines are used during surgery as a preventive measure
  • Irregular Appearance – The operated areas may not appear symmetrical and a revision treatment may be required. Bleeding – During surgery, there is a possibility of accidental injury to the surrounding organs that may cause bleeding during surgery.
  • The patient may develop an allergic reaction to the anesthetic agent.
  • Scarring – A minor complication may arise due to inflamed and itchy scars.
  • Rare risks – Death due to cardiac arrest or pneumonia is rare.